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I wanted to properly introduce myself so you know a little

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Everything around us is moving rapidly onto the world wide web and Tinka the Label is no exception. Having started my business by participating at designer markets pretty much everywhere across the Melbourne CBD, we are moving into a new age where everything is - you guessed it - online. And whilst we find comfort knowing we can access our favourite goodies with a click of the button anytime, anywhere, at the end of the day we are still human and desire that personal touch. As I move my business predominantly online, I want to ensure that my new customers receive the same experience as my previous customers have in the past. Allowing you to understand the person behind the brand, but more importantly, what you're investing your money on.


what Tinka the Label is about



When I first starting designing, it was because I always wanted what I couldn’t have (or better yet, wasn’t available) so instead I decided to make it. My jewellery designs are carefully curated so that they’re not seasonal trends (because let’s face it, they come and go) so instead I decided to create investment pieces that you can wear time and time again. As I hand make almost all of my products (with a little help to now keep up with the demand) you can imagine that it’s near impossible to mass produce, so find comfort knowing that your piece is of limited edition and that you won’t be caught dead wearing the same as everyone else. Allowing you to keep your individuality by standing out from the crowd.


what we offer


I understand that everyone has a particular look they want to achieve, but struggle in making it a reality. Good thing is, I enjoy making it happen. Along with my seasonal collections, I also accommodate to custom orders. Whether it being as simple as altering an existing piece, or custom making a brand new one, I design custom made pieces for any occasion.If you're looking for something truly unique on your special day, birthday or even a lavish event, I'll do my best to make it happen!


$10 gift voucher 

I get a little excited when new people visit my store as it means you love my label as much as I do. So to make your first online experience a little more memorable, we offer customers $10 off their first online purchase.It’s my little way of saying welcome but more importantly,thank you! 
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be one of a kind

I am a strong advocate for recycling & avoiding unnecessary  waste therefore incorporate my personal beliefs into my daily business practises. With treasures accumulated over the years either found here or abroad, including those retro pieces family members have passed down for me to reinvent (think 70’s fashion jewellery - um, yes please), I have curated a small series of up cycled jewellery, blending treasures of the past with the modern day. 
 Oh, and did I mention these are all one of a kind?
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happy to help

If I can make your experience a little easier then I am here to help. 

Any questions, whether big or small, can be directed to hello@tinkathelabel.com 

 I'm more then happy to help!


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