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Getting to know ... Kestie Morassi

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Getting to know Kestie Morassi is like discovering the epitome of cool.

She's down to earth with a bit of edge, but overall, she's just one of those girls you want to

hang out with!




Girl crush?

Kirsten Dunst. Always has been. She's strange, imperfect, natural, talented and just hot. I'm fascinated by her.

Savory or sweet?

Hardest question ever. Savoury I guess.

Number 1 on your bucket list

Sing and play guitar badly on stage and survive.

Most proud moment/achievement

Deciding to be single for 2 years and following through.

What’s your strengths & weaknesses

I'm generous, warm, spontaneous and fearless. I can also be selfish, cold, inhibited and cowardly.

If I could change the world, I would...

I feel like I am. I extend myself, as much as I can to people I meet. That's all I can do.
On a larger scale I guess I'd love to restructure the education system to be able to accommodate the various ways kids learn.
It's not all about tests and absolutes. Free thinking should be encouraged more.

Best advice given

Don't take on other people's fears.

Describe your style

Street with hints of punk! 
  • Easy casual street wear is my every day style.
Singlets are a staple for me. Whenever I wear a simple outfit, I like one piece of jewellery or jacket or bold eye or lip to be the feature. Less is always more I feel. 
  • Tartan seems to have always snuck itself into my wardrobe somewhere.
There's something punk, spunky and fun about it. I've also on a few occasions rocked the double tartan - tartan pants with mismatched a tartan jacket.
I actually feel very comfortable in it. My favourite piece is a blue tartan pair of overalls that I've had since I was 20.
They make an appearance every now and again, I can't seem to throw them away.
  • Leather jackets are everything!
I seem to be accumulating more and more of them. They make me feel in control, and sexy. I love dressing them down with a really casual pant and runners.
I've always loved the idea of really casual street wear with a full face of makeup and glamorous hair. 



"Breathe. Try to enjoy the moment you're in right now"



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