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Dark Side of the Moon - 1 piece, 3 looks

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I'm not going to lie, I understand when people tell me that Dark Side of the Moon is very glamorous, but the part I don't understand is when they say they'll have no where to wear it! DSOTM is definitely one of those pieces
that looks suited to a ball...but why limit yourself (I mean do people even go to balls anymore?!)
To me, accessories are what make or break an outfit, be it jewellery, shoes or bags.
My advice?! Invest in that statement piece you've been ogling over, there's more ways to enjoy it than you think! 
It's obvious that DSOTM is destined to be the feature piece, so I tend to keep the rest of the jewellery simple, opting for a pair of studs to give the finishing touch (our interchangeable studs - as featured - can be worn 3 ways, allowing you to experiment with your style).
My first choice of outfit is boho chic. Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that you have to conform to a bohemian style, but I find this style very "free". It's smart, it's casual, and it demonstrates a sense of comfortability in who you are.
As for the rest of the outfit, I chose to add soft, vibrant colours - and no, not just because it's summer- but to lift the overall look. It's easy to see a piece and know that it's going to go with neutrals, but clothes should be fun, so add a bit of colour and brighten up your day!
This look is ideal for when you're heading to brunch with the gals, going to the cinema or a day date.
The next look is girl next door. To me, this is someone who doesn't go out of their way to be centre of attention and yet is more than capable of doing so. I find this style conservative but sexy, opting to showcase your best feature without giving it all away.
I've always loved boots with dresses, mixing strengths of both male and female, giving femininity that bit of edge.  
This look is ideal for a wedding and for all other occasions that call for "smart casual" attire. 
And finally, we have working girl. A lot of the time, people see corporate as work attire that has to blend in a sea of black, I see otherwise. Corporate should define your role in a workplace, showcasing your independence & strength.
Who said it needs to be boring?!
Highlight your position with sophistication, class and a bit of flare.
This look is ideal for the corporate workplace and for those who enjoy dressing up in anything but dresses. 

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