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Summer Lovin' - looks to layer

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Usually I am more about the chunkier pieces, and opt for earrings over anything else, but with the weather turning up the heat, I’m quite enjoying the variety of tops I can now wear. Which basically means one thing, I can actually wear necklaces for them to be seen! ...Only difference is, this time I’m ALL about the layering!!!

This blog is about layering 3 key staple necklaces: and even then, I sometimes add
  • Azure
  • Bardot (in gold of course, I do like mixing metals but in this case no!)

The first look is Tom Boy Chic, which is one of my favourite day-to-day looks! I guess you could put it to me being a bit of a tomboy myself (never wanting to look overly girly), but there's just something about the contrast of feminine and masculine in one look that has me hooked. I could envision this look at just about every outing (ok, maybe not every outing, but close enough). It’s vibrant decorative print, distressed denim short and straw tote just scream summer (they’re only like, the season’s quintessential wardrobe staples after all), teamed with a pair of clear strap mules?! It’s a yes from me every. Single. Time.

TIP: layering necklaces can sometimes look a little messy if you button up a shirt too far, so make sure you show off a bit of skin!

The next look Simply Hot, is both fitting for the temperature and also, well, silk slinky dresses?! Yep! You’ll be looking simply hot! Now most people would tee these up with a pair of heels, but not me, because as I mentioned earlier, I'm not one to look overly girly. Plus I just love the look of effortless glam. Almost like you just slipped on a dress and slides, grabbed your bag and you were off (all whilst looking incredibly stylish may I add)!

TIP: spaghetti straps with low necklines work wonders when layering!

Last but not least, Artsy Glamour, because I lovvvvvvve my colour! It’s vibrant it’s tastefully stylish and, wearing colour just makes you feel good!

For a sequin, cobalt blue pencil skirt, I added a sleeveless silk cami, because I believe every outfit should show a bit of skin. And the purple projecting from underneath layers of gold (huge gasp), simply stunning! But I couldn’t just leave it there! To add variety to the family colours already used, I mixed in pair of not-too-high  green slides and a graphic red clutch! 

TIP: avoid camis with a mid neckline as they tend to hide some of the layers! Low or high necklines (like above) work best!

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